Baby in the Freezer

A comedian once quipped that if you lose one of your parents, it’s a tragedy, but if you lose both of them, somebody could accuse you of being careless. In the case of a mother who kept her dead baby in a freezer, you have your doubts, but when a second is discovered, it’s a different ball game.

On the 9th of November, in a house in the  town of Pilas, near the City of Sevilla, the tiny corpse of a newly born child was found in a domestic freezer. It was discovered by the father, Francisco Antonio. His wife confessed that it was hers; that it was still born and that she had put it in the freezer to conserve it because she didn’t want to be parted from it. Admittedly, it shows that a man is writing this article because I am using the impersonal pronoun, ‘it,’ which is an ocean away from the emotion of losing a baby.

That aside, provisional investigation appeared to show that the baby was born alive, 17 months before being discovered in its icy tomb.

Then came the 27th of November when the woman was brought from prison to the house, with the father also present, to reconstruct the sequences of events. For this to happen, the flat that had been sealed was reopened.

During this re-enactment, the father, who had taken the opportunity to clean up a little, found the second body but in a different freezer.

The Mayor of the Pilas, Jesus María Sáncez, asked how the police could have overlooked the second baby’s body when they searched the house – a good question.

In the meantime, two existing children belonging to the couple, aged eleven and 14, are staying with an aunty on the father’s side.

Finally, the mother, Sarah L. H., is 8-months pregnant – something that the father didn’t know about, either.

(News, Pilas, Sevilla, Andalucia)