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Baby Swallows Hashish

By Vivienne Hughes

An 18-month-old baby was hospitalised on Wednesday after ingesting hashish. The mother brought the child in without knowing what was up with it. »

Mugger Doused Victim with Petrol

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman has been taken into custody after allegedly dousing a woman she intended to mug with petrol - the victim had her baby with her. »

Scuffle at the Hospital

By Martin Myall

It was not the first time that the maternity hospital in Granada had suffered a scuffle with belligerent relatives of a patient. Wednesday the 10th of April was just another such incident. »

Baby Dies from Meningitis

By Vivienne Hughes

A baby girl, a little under 1-year old, died in Hospital Santa Ana last Wednesday from Meningococcal Sepsis. »

Mother Tries to Drown Baby

By Vivienne Hughes

Two policemen prevented a young mother from harming her baby yesterday afternoon around 17.45h near the Ingenio shopping centre in Vélez-Málaga. »

Summer Ends but Drownings Haven’t

By Vivienne Hughes

The Pinos Puente Town Hall has just declared three days' mourning in condolence with a local family after their baby drowned in a pool. »

Policeman Saves Baby

By Martin Myall

A Guardia Civil policeman based in Castro del Río (Córdoba) saved the life of a baby who had been choking. »

Baby Perishes in Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

A 6-month-old baby perished in a house fire in Albolote on Friday the 23rd, according to the Emergencias 112 Andalucía service. »

The Saddest Find

By Vivienne Hughes

The body of a newborn baby was found in a recycling bin in Alhendín. According to the autopsy report, the girl had been born alive and healthy. »

Mother Stabbed Own Baby

By Hugh MacArthur

(ESP04) A young woman admitted in court on Monday the 11th, behind closed doors, that she had stabbed her own baby shortly after having given birh to it, killing it. »

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