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Post Covid?

GRA Hospital San Cecilio-PTS

We’ve almost all forgotten about Covid 19 and are only reminded when we enter pharmacies, medical centres & hospitals nowadays, where masks remain obligatory.

Escape Room Tragedy

GRA Cájar Escape Room Tragedy

Escape Rooms are very popular in the provinces, both in the capital and other towns for groups of friends or families, but this one ended in somebody in the ICU.

Bus Over Turns

AND Bus Turns Over

Two people were killed and twelve injured when the bus that they were travelling on turned over; two of those injured are in a serious condition.

Pulling A Fast One?

MOT Gasolinera Pumps 400x250

The consumers’ association, Facua, has reported twelve gasolineras to the police for allegedly increasing fuel prices on the eve of the discount measures coming into force.

A Desperate Deal

AND Carcaño Marta Castilla Killer

Readers might remember the case of the murdered girl Marta del Castillo from Sevilla and her killer Miguel Carcaño, who has never revealed the whereabouts of her body.

Extreme Nail Biting

AND Kenyan Witchcraft in Sevilla

A woman in Sevilla cut off two fingers from her flat mate’s hand and ate them, which didn’t go down well. Actually the fingers did but the victim wasn’t happy about it.