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Dead Dolphin in La Herradura

By Editor

A dead dolphin was washed up on La Herradura beach yesterday. Beach walkers reported the find and the cleaning company removed the carcass. »

Curing Corpses

By Hugh MacArthur

One afternoon last month there were unusual happenings in the cemetery in Peligros resulting in a man being brought before a magistrate for disinterring a corpse. »

Noise from the Niche

By Martin Myall

Around mid January there was an incident at a cemetery in Torrent (Valencia) when people reported hearing a noise coming from burial niche. »

Unwelcome Corpse

By Hugh MacArthur

Four people have been arrested on Calle San Antón in Granada, for dragging an overdosed drug-user out onto the street and abandoning his corpse there. »

Baby in the Freezer

By Martin Myall

On the 9th of November, in a house in the nearby town of Pilas, near the City of Sevilla, the tiny corpse of a newly born child was found in a domestic freezer. »

Drowned Man Found off Salobrena Beach

By Editor

The body of a man aged between 40 and 50 was found floating just off a Salobrena beach on the 24th of July, between the Penon (Peñon) and La Caleta. »

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