Unwelcome Guy Fawkes

After the consternation caused by the explosion up at the Pirotécnica Martín fireworks factory in Vélez de Benaudalla, it seems that the good folks – and quite a few of the bad ones – are not too keen on having a shop selling fireworks in the middle of town.

Such is the reticence that locals have pressured the Town Hall to prevent this establishment from opening its doors in the Rambla de Capuchinos. The truth is that it is far from opening its doors, as at the moment it is little more than an empty building plot. The project has all the appropriate licences and administrative blessings, but with the neighbours up in arms, that might not be enough.

The Town Hall has taken the first step and called a halt to the works, citing a necessary adjustment to the project, producing a sigh of relief from the concerned Motrileños. However, Pirotécnica Martín, points out that it has all the necessary paperwork, from the regional authorities and that this pause is merely just that – a pause.

Pirotécnica Martín intends to open this 40-sq/m shop, which will sell fireworks directly to the public; i.e., pyrotechnical devices for public rather than professional use. Hopefully, it will be open in time for Christmas, which is a prime time for such sales.

The installations also has a small “bunker,” for storing material, which is obligatory for this kind of shop, where up to 50 kilos of explosives can be stored – it is precisely this storeroom that has made the Motrileños jittery.

The neighbours complain that the whole project has been enshrouded in secrecy and that at first, owing to the strange, reinforced basement set up, they though that it was going to be a bank or something, but then it became known and since then, some of the more delicate neighbours claim that they haven’t been able to sleep from so much worrying about it.

(News: Velez de Benaudalla/Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)