Benny’s Salary Slashed

The result of the last full council meeting in Almuñécar was that the ex-mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides, had 1,500 euros lopped off his monthly salary – ouch!

At a time when many question the necessity of so many politicians in the country, the anomaly that existed in Almuñécar whereby the ex-mayor, now a simple councillor – earned more each month than the actual Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, raised more than a few eyebrows. With the excuse, as if she needed one, that we live in a time of cuts and sacrifices, she decided to put Benny, in a ‘wage’ sense, in his place.

Mayor Herrera earns between 2,200 and 2,400 euros every month; Benny was getting 3,300, bless him, but not from next month. Bear in mind that one of the first decisions that the new mayor took when she came to office was to slash 20,000 euros per annum from her salary.

What was actually approved in the plenary meeting of the Town Council on the 10th of July, was that councillors could receive the same amount of money that they perceived in their previous employment, only when it does not surpass the salary of the First Councillor; i.e., the Mayor. As the Mayor earns 59,000 euros per annum, Juan Carlos Benavides saw 1,500 euros snipped, gleefully, from his monthly salary.

The motion, mind, was kept secret until the last moment, as an “emergency motion,” meaning that Benny’s party, the CA, which has the most seats in the council, did not have wind of it. Not one party of the opposition made use of its right to comment on the motion before voting, so to the vote it went.

All the political parties represented in the Town Council voted in favour, apart from the CA, not unsurprisingly. The reaction of the public in the hall where the meeting was held was a round of energetic applause when the result of the voting was read out by the Mayor.

Someone in the audience was heard to shout, “About time; we have to start saving!”

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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