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CA Want Rubble Check

ALM The Demolished Market

The main opposition party in Almuñécar, the CA, headed by J.C. Benavides, has requested that the Town Hall carries out an analysis of the market-building rubble.

Mayor Breaks Quarantine Law?

ALM Dismantling Market

The Almuñécar opposition parties are up in arms because they consider that the Mayor of Almuñécar has allowed municipal workers to break the Lock down in order to dismantle the Municipal Market.

Benny Vs. Trini over 7 Star

ALM 7-star plot

Ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides accuses the present Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, of letting Almuñécar’s top hotel project slip through her fingers; i.e. the 7-star hotel.

Fruit & Veg Will Stay

ALM Friday Market

The Almuñécar Plenary Meeting of the Town Council on the 30th of last month rejected the call to forbid the sale of fruit and vegetables on the market stalls.

Who’s to Blame?

LHR Maravillas

In 2006 the then Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides signed an urban-development deal with two companies to develope Maravillas Norte in La Herradura.