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Rapper Cuts Off Penis

The reasons behind this bizarre incident are still unclear, but what is clear is that Andrew Johnson, who performs as the rapper Christ Bearer, cut off his own penis and then threw himself off a second-floor balcony. The 40-year-old rapper somehow survived and has been left with serious injuries.

Lucky Levi’s!

A tale of domestic violence from the USA now, where Gerald Orock, 56, from Ellwood City, Pennsylvania, was having one the latest of violent arguments with his ex-wife Lisa Jones-Orock. However, during this particular argument, Mrs. Jones-Orock decided to cut off her ex husband’s penis with a Stanley Knife.

Tree Trouble

The cutting down of trees continues to cause friction between ecologists and opposition parties, on one side, and the governing PP, on the other. Now the Regional Ombudsman has decided to get involved, bless him, at the petition of the IU.

Cabra Road Cut

The Jete road was cut twice last month, once by the road being washed away and the other time by a rock slide.