Russian Sets Light to Woman

A Russian man, ex military, of some 45 years of age, poured 96º alcohol over the back of a female friend and set light to her, causing first and second-degree burns – this took place along the Rambla del Piojo in Motril.

Chance would have it that a Policia Nacional patrol car was not far away and soon came to her assistance, transferring her immediately to the Santa Ana hospital, whilst at the same time alerting other patrol cars.

The net tightened, cornering the man, who had been hiding behind tall grass and reeds near the rambla, which was when he tried to escape by swimming down the water channel. He was soon exhausted owing to the current. One of the policemen involved in the hunt jumped in to rescue the man.

The woman refused to denounce the man for malos tratos (domestic violence), but instead denounced him for the injuries caused. As the victim and the aggressor are not involved in any kind of relationship, it cannot be classified as domestic violence. She claimed that she had only met him six days previously.

On the day of the incident, the woman, who habitually stays at a shelter for the homeless in Motril, had decided to go down to the water channel, together with five other residents, to wash their clothes. Some of their number reached a nearby, more accessible irrigation channel, whilst the woman and others – the alleged aggressor amongst them – decided to shelter a while in a small shack, right next to the main water channel.

It was at this point that the man, to everybody’s amazement, pulled out a bottle containing the surgical alcohol and poured it into a cup containing Coca Cola. The victim, meanwhile, set about lighting a small fire to fry some chips.

The man was soon very drunk and began berating the woman for taking so long to prepare the food, to which she responded that it was not her fault that the fire was not adequate to do it quicker.

At this point he reportedly poured the remaining alcohol over her back and set light to it. The other companions jumped up to beat out the flames, opting to immerse her in the water channel. Not content with the havoc wrought, the Russian then threatened that he was going to cut her into pieces and throw her remains, a bit at a time, into the sea.

Anyway, not the sort of person that you might want to invite around to your mother’s for tea, obviously.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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