GastroFestival, Almuñécar

Almuñécar will have a new gastronomical event this month, staged in the Parque Majuelo on Friday, 20th, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd. But it’s not just eating, because there will be plenty of live music, as well as stand-up comedians.

The driving forces behind this project are Sergio Fernández, a TV-chef on Canal Cocina, and our very own Miguel F. Castilla, the kitchen wizard at Restaurante Reina Sofía. The event had originally been planned for last month, but it had to be postponed owing to the restriction on public events being held during election periods.

“We’re talking about something completely different; not only for Almuñécar, but also for the rest of the coast of Granada,” explained Miguel Castilla. What he means by this is that unlike other ‘gastro events,’ this will be a sort of ‘live cooking’ event.’ There will be different points were visitors can see how cocktails are made; there will be wine tasting areas and areas dedicated to ice-cream making and desserts. Whereas in normal tapa fairs each restaurant does its own thing, this event is about having an open-air insight into what goes on in the kitchen. Cool, eh?

If the weather behaves, then the attendance prevision is between four and five thousand. Although the driving force behind this unique event are Sergio and Miguel, they count on the support and participation of: Cervezas Alhambra, café pub Rock Chox, Bodegas Muñana, Soho Lounge, Bodegas Calvente, Heladería Daniel, Coca Cola, Licores Himar, Pastelería Mari Trini and Los Rebites, as well as the Ayuntamiento and the local Tourist Board.

“We are certain that Gastrofestival will be a success, giving us the chance to ‘export’ a picture of Almuñécar and the participating businesses through the media, because the effort really is worth it,” said Miguel. He also explained that prices will be in tune with the present tight times.

The Seaside Gazette will be there to give its support, certainly Martin, as his group Chambel will be playing on the three days of the event! See you all there.

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