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Reader’s Letter: Chumbo

By Gazette Reader

My name is Elki, originally from Mexico but I have been living in London for the last 13 years. I am a professional chef that has taken the route of healthy living, responsible, conscious, and ethical use of ingredients and processes. »

Rum Factory Trial

By Vivienne Hughes

The trial over the fire at the Montero rum distilery in Motril will be held on the 15th of March, with two ex-employees facing charges of manslaughter. »

Unlucky Seating

By Vivienne Hughes

María de la Luz Morillo was severly injured when a hotel electricity transformer exploded, shooting out a jet of flame through a vent that torched the table where she and others were sitting. »

British Man Dies from Burns

By Vivienne Hughes

A 75-year-old British man passed away on Sunday the 16th after nearly a month of being treated for extensive burns. »

Two Nerja Fires

By Paula Anthony

There have been a couple of fires in Nerja; one affected a house and the other a campervan in the proximity of Rio Chíllar. »

Canabis Plantation in Flames

By Editor

Two young men were injured one Sunday in a house fire in Segur de Calafell (Tarragona), suffering burns on 19% and 11% of their bodies - and it's all because of hash. »

Romanian Burns Wife

By Hugh MacArthur

The Police have arrested a Romanian man, accused of setting alight a lean-to with his wife inside using a container filled with gasoline. »

Russian Sets Light to Woman

By Martin Myall

A Russian man, ex military of some 45 years of age, poured 96º alcohol over the back of a female friend and set light to her, causing first and second-degree burns - this took place along the Rambla del Piojo in Motril. »

Tartana Treats

By Editor

Jed, Mandy and the very popular Jonathan, from ‘El Ancla’ have joined forces and reopened La Tartana. The place has had a complete refurbishment, which gives it a fresher, lighter and brighter feel, as has the menu, which continues to offer superb quality food, complete with children’s menu at very competitive prices. »

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