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Boars & Golf

By Hugh MacArthur

Wild boars have been having fun down on Playa Granada, in the area of the golf course, where they have been out ploughing. »

Porcine Visitors

By Hugh MacArthur

Salobreña was woken from its slumber on Friday night by a small herd of wild boars doing midnight tourism through the streets. »

Taking Things Too Far?

By Hugh MacArthur

A goatherd has been fined 3,001 euros for burying the carcass of one of his animals in the wilds, where he had found it semi devoured by wild boars. »

The Swines Have Eaten Them!

By Martin Myall

The swines in question are wild boar and the banquet was a rich carpet of protected plants on Cerro Gordo... is nothing sacred? »

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