Cause Behind Vega Fires

Guardia Civil investigations have turned up that the recent fires on the Salobreña vega were the result of farmers burning cuttings.

SAL Vega Fire FB24The reason that the farmers were burning them, they explained, was so as not to attract foraging wild boars, which create a lot of damage to crops. Unfortunately, the strong winds spread the fires and the rest we know.

The first fire, as reported, was on the 23rd of February and was reported around 22.30h. Fire crews struggled to put the fire out, finally accomplishing it ten past four in the morning.

Within only ten hours, the second fire began at two in the afternoon and was not put out until ten to nine that same evening.

This second fire burnt around 3,600 square metres of land. The Motril fire service say that calculations for the extent of the first fire are still not complete.

Editorial comment: so, farmers ten hours earlier had seen that the high winds had caused a bonfire to spread uncontrollably and decided that it would be a good wheeze to light another bonfire under the same weather conditions. Off with their pods!

(News/Noticias: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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