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Change of Ownership of a Car in Spain

When a private person sells a vehicle to another physical person, it is very important to go through the complete set of administrative procedures in order to change the ownership. Failure to do this will incur different types of problems including fines and road tax of the new owner being sent and charged to the former owner.

Australian Apple Mapping Mahem

Australian police in the southeast state of Victoria have had to rescue a number of motorists who have become stuck, for as long as 24 hours in some cases, after following directions from their Apple iPhone mapping software.

Think Insurance

When it comes to insurance on the Costa Tropical, I have to say we are rather blessed to have Pep Benaiges, who provides cover on behalf of Grupo Catalana Occidente, who cater for over 4 million clients, and having been doing this kind of thing since 1864! I don’t believe Pep was around at the beginning, but he really does have a lot of experience, and can give you the right advice and direction when choosing a policy.

Local Crime

Once again crime became a talking point in the village, with reports of burglaries and attempted burglaries to several bars in the village, and even one or two empty properties in Carmenes have been broken into