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Small is Beautiful

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Traditional vaccines take a long time to produce in large amounts no matter if they are ‘tamed’ live-vaccines or dead-microbe vaccines. This is a particular problem when epidemics emerge suddenly. »

Chickenpox & Shingles

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

Nowadays, all adults have suffered or seen chickenpox: children covered in itchy little pimples and blisters who are kept at home to not spread it to all their friends. »

Getting High & Preventing Flu

By Axel E. Thieke G.P.

There are preventative treatments for mountain sickness, but they may have some serious side effects and therefore alternatives have been sought. Researchers randomized 90 healthy non-acclimated adults to receive 600mg of oral Ibuprofen or placebo every 6 hours, beginning 6 hours before rapidly ascending from an altitude of 1.000 to 4.000 meters. It was measured... »

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