Janssen Jab Arrives in Spain

The first consignment of the Janssen vaccine will arrive in Spain tomorrow and will be reserved for those between 70 and 79 years of age.

SPN Carolina Darias Health MinsterThe Minister for Health, Carolina Darias, said that with this arrival they will be able to accelerate the vaccination process for this group, which is the one that is most lagging behind schedule.

This batch of 300,000 doses should speed things up as this particular vaccine only requires one inoculation. Furthermore, during this second quarter of 2021 Spain will receive another 5.5m doses of the Janssen vaccine.

Sra. Darias also informed that the Central Government continues to examine different options concerning those awaiting their second AstraZeneca injection.

Amongst the options under consideration is to leave it at just one injection, which gives a 70% protections (the second brings it up to the high 90s), and using another type of RNA vaccine as a second dose – something that is underway in countries like Germany and France. She said that they are waiting on scientific evidence in order to make a decision.

She went on to say that people should be patient as she considers that there is plenty of time to come to a decision for those under 60s awaiting their second injection.

Finally, concerning the request made by the Madrid regional government to give AstraZeneca vaccines to those under 50 who request it, she said that it would have to wait until Wednesday’s inter-regional meeting of health ministers to come to a decision.

(News: Spain)

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  1. Sandra Mihlenstedt
    April 12, 2021 at 8:09 pm

    Janssen vaccine is this a new one as ive never heard of it. Must be strong if only one injection required.
    Has anyone heard of it?

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