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Ballistic Corporal


The Supreme Court has acquitted a Spanish Navy (female) corporal, after having been sentenced to 3-years’ imprisonment for insulting a superior.

Amputates Own Hand


The Supreme Court has sentenced a man, who had amputated his own hand in order to claim insurance money, to a 3-year-imprisonment term.

No Alimony Refunds

The Spanish Supreme Court has rejected a claim made by a man to have his child-maintenance payments refunded to him after he found out that his daughter was not his.

Nerja Wins Court Case

The Mayor of Nerja has announced that the Málaga branch of the Regional Supreme Court has decided in favour of Nerja concerning La Coladilla golf course area.

Guardia Civil Not Happy

The Supreme Court has just backed a Royal Decree issued by the socialist government in November 2010, which opened the way for these policeman to carry out military functions in overseas deployment.