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Bars are not Roots

The Tribunal Superior de Justicia for Cantabria has rejected an appeal against an expulsion order. The man lodging the appeal had argued that he had put down roots; i.e., was strongly linked to living here.

No Longer A Crime

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled that giving money to a jailed terrorist or his family is not a crime, thus acquitting a Moroccan man and liberating him from a 5-year prison sentence for having sent funds to the wife of a jailed terrorist

Politicians and Judges

The very evident disdain that the average Spaniard holds for his country’s political class is well known, so with signs of clear political infiltration within the Judicial System, it should surprise few that the various judicial entities of the land have taken a tumble in public esteem, as well.

Appeal Quashed

The driver who tried to run down three Guardia Civil policemen has had his seven years’ imprisonment upheld by the Supreme Court after his appeal failed.

Supreme Court Finds Against Almuñecar

This time it wasn’t Benny that received a knuckle rapping from the Supreme Court, but the PSOE-PP coalition council from the year 2000, who the court considered had abused their municipal prerogative over minor changes to the standing PGOU. The way the system works is that a town will draw up an urban development plan,…

Property Tax Overturned

The Supreme Court of Andalucía has declared as null and void the municipal council meeting that approved the rise in the IBI (property rates).

Chavez Against the Ropes

Manuel Chavez, the current third vice-president to Prime Minister Zapatero, and former First Minister of the Junta de Andalucía (you know, those people in the sky with their eye on you) is in trouble with Andalucian Supreme Court.