Amputates Own Hand

spn-hand-birdThe Supreme Court has sentenced a man, who amputated his own hand in order to claim insurance money, to a 3-year-imprisonment term.

The man faked a car-accident claim and to give his insurance claim more ‘credibility,’ he removed one of his hands with a sharp instrument. He had previously taken out eight insurance policies.

Not only is he going to prison minus a hand, but he will also have to return the 335.000 euros that he swindled out of the insurance companies: 35,000 to Santa Lucía Compañía de Seguros and Reaseguros S.A.; 90,370 euros to Liberty Seguros; and 209,564 euros to Axa Seguros.

The S.C. considers it proven that in the early hours of the 10th of December, 2007, he did, by himself or with help, amputate his right hand in order to claim the insurance money.

After applying a tourniquet to control the bleeding (you would definitely think that you would need help to do this with only one hand) he drove along Camino Viejo de Nules to Moncófar (Castellón), got out and rolled it down an embankment.

He then placed the amputated hand on the floor amongst the pedals and then set light to the car with some petrol that he had brought along for such a task. He then called 112.

The police found him lying on the ground smoking a cigarette.

After returning home he set about claiming money from the insurance companies – with some he had up to three policies, covering death, permanent disability, complete disability, as well as full-coverage, accident policies

It appears that the man, a farmer, was having problems paying a mortgage that he had taken out to build a house. The bank had embargoed the house and car…

Editorial comment: *sigh!*.

(News: Castellon, Spain)

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