Flash Floods & Hailstones

Almuñécar, like many other towns on the Costa Tropical, saw torrential rain and hailstones during a storm at around 19.00h today.

Streets became running rivers, Plaza de Madrid was a a partial pond and strangely of all, Restaurante Los Laureles had nearly 20 birds dead on their terrace after being killed by the hailstones.

Thankfully, the storm only lasted for about and hour, but the sounds of sirens from emergency service vehicles continued for some time, obviously responding to damage or injury caused by the weather.

Flashes of lightning continue to light up the town, even as this article is being typed. There could well be more of the same…

(News: Almuñecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Pepe Palacios)

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