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Slight Flooding in Port Area

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Fire Service has been busy pumping accumlated rain water off the roundabout at the entrance to the Polígono de Alborán (Celulosa road). »

Motril Firework Crackdown

By Martin Myall

Having grown up in the UK of the 60s, fireworks were strickly Guy Fawke's night, so Spain's gunpowder generosity with fireworks was liberating. »

Fire Near Port Area

By Hugh MacArthur

(HMI07) Motril started the year with a fire near Barrio de Santa Adela (port area) and another nearby on the Camino de Minasierra. »

Motril Flooding… Again

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Town Hall is setting up an office to deal with those affected by the heavy rains early morning yesterday, Monday the 19th. »

Repaired for Demolition

By Martin Myall

Flat owners in the Santa Adela district (Zaidin) of Granada are obligated by law to carry out repairs to their property, even though its is awaiting demolition. »

Motril Sewage Treatment Plant

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Motril, Chairman of the Mancomunidad and the Head of the Aguas y Servicios water board visited the EDAR (Sewage Treatment Plant). »

Farewell to Sewage Plant Stink?

By Martin Myall

The Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical has begun work on the EDAR de Motril-Salobreña (sewage-treatment plant) which the Chairman claims will do away with the lingering 'hum' in six months. »

Plaza Jabeque de Santa Adela

By Martin Myall

Locals will have noticed work taking place on the Plaza Jabeque de Santa Adela. A total of 118,000 euros is being spent to give the square a children's play park, as well as benches, a drinking fountain, and exercise equipment for the elderly. The park will be finished off with a surrounding fence and... »

Medical Centre for Motril Port

By Martin Myall

The 3,500 residents of Varadero and Santa Adela near Motril Port now have a small medical centre with five doctors’ surgeries, which is two more than they had in the old Casa del Mar. This new centre is fruit of co-ooperation between the Town Hall, the Junta de Andalucia and the EU: Motril built... »

Flooding in Motril

By Editor

It was Motril’s turn for flooding - and when you see people canoeing through a street, it’s a pretty good indication that it’s been raining a bit on the active side. »

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