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Spanish Airbus Down

Around 13.00h today a Spanish military transport aircraft – an Airbus A400M – came down just outside the provincial airport of San Pablo near Sevilla.

Corporals from Hell Jailed

Such was the reign of terror that two Spanish Legion NCO’s had wrought in 2008 at the Viator base in Almería that they are now serving three years apiece in military prison.

Military Rumbling

Members of he Asociación Unificada de Militares Españoles (armed forces union) demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Defence over the arrest of their Chairman.

Deadly Dolphins

Many of us have been lucky to see dolphin along our coast, and some may remember the 1960’s TV series called Flipper. Well, if certain media sources are to be believed, your next encounter with a dolphin could prove fatal!
The Ukrainian Navy allegedly trained several dolphins to seek out mines, submarines and even to kill, with weapons attached to their heads. So, next time you see a friendly looking porpoise swimming just offshore, give it a wide berth!

Royal Guards Regiment on Manoeuvres in Salobreña

Locals of and visitors to Salobreña will have seen quite a bit of military camouflage around the town lately and that is because the Spanish Royal Guards Regiment has taken up residence in the municipal sports hall. But you can relax; it’s not a military coup – again – but part of a combination of PR and military training, as each year a different province around Spain is chosen.

Wonky World

Three weird world stories from the March edition including Canadian military balls, Russian police arresting gay suspects and a very dodgy one million dollar note.

Motril Air Display

Motril’s annual air display will take place on Playa Granada at 11 o’clock in the morning of Sunday the 6th of June. Last year the air display was dedicated to helicopters and gyrocopters, whereas this year the emphasis is on light aircraft, featuring an aerobatics team and there will also be a military contingent. In…