How the Military Will Operate

SPN UMEAll military leave within the Medical Corps has been cancelled and their resources along with that of the Unidad Militar de Emergencias deployed.

Other military units have also been mobilised to back civilian efforts during the present health crisis, such as:

  • The Military Police
  • Logistical Land Transport
  • General Aero-Transport and specifically Medical Aero-transport.
  • Air Traffic Control and Maritime Navigation, (ports and airports)
  • Logistics for providing field accommodation (temporary bases)

Basically, the Real Decreto de Estado de Alarma categorised military involvement in three areas:

(Article 5) Collaboration with civilian authorities, maintaining citizen welfare and enforcing emergency measures

 (Article 12) Reenforce the National Health System.

(Article 15) Guarantee food supplies.

Furthermore, the Medical Corps can not only call on all serving members but also those in reserve.

(News: Spain)

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