Sniffing out Coronavirus

WLD Sniffing out Coronavirus 02The ability of a dog to smell the imperceptible to humans has long been known; from carefully concealed drugs to signs of bowel cancer in excrement, but there’s more.

The German military in close collaboration with the Universidad of Medicine in Hanover have carried out experiments where dogs trained for the task can detect Coronavirus in the saliva of humans.

The German Minister of Defence pointed out, however, that it is not a case of the dog being able to actually smell the virus, but rather the bio-chemical changes that the virus causes to our bodies.

More research is needed but so far the results are very promising. Meanwhile, over in France, another series of tests has detected the virus in human sweat and like medical colleagues in Germany, scientist are confident that research is progressing. However, in both cases, several months more research is needed to confirm the reliability of these experiments.

(News/Creature Feature: Europe)

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