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A Disservice to Real Victims?

A woman stands before a magistrate and is looking at 24-months’s imprisonment for having made false claims of sexual aggression. Her victim spent four night in police cells because of her accusations.

Tow Truck Trashes Car

A judge has ordered the City Hall of Granada to hand over 5,744 euros in damages caused by its tow truck. Apparently, the vehicle was insufficiently secured and came free, crashing off the back of the vehicle.

False Leg Boot Legging?

Well, it’s not technically ‘bootlegging’ but why let the truth get in the way of a good headline, right? No, it’s about a man with a false leg who used it to smuggle bottles of spirits out of a shop. Damned cunning!

Failing to Protect

The Regional Supreme Court (TSJA) has found the City Hall of Granada guilty of failing to protect a local from decibel contamination. Put another way, the Council did not act against a pub that was making the neighbours’ lives unsupportable.

The Mayor & The Dustbin Man

A judge has just decided that the Mayor of Otura (just south of the provincial capital) is not guilty of making death threats against a refuge collector, during a rubbish-collection strike in October of last year.