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Cultural Guardia Civil

In Franco’s last years there was a joke kicking around about why the Guardia Civil always walked around in pairs. The question was asked and the response was: one who can read and write and the other to keep an eye on the dangerous intellectual. Things have come a long way since then

Curas en Pecado

Corrían aquéllos turbios años 60 cuando la educación de una buena parte de la infancia española había sido confiada al clero y a sus muchos centros repartidos por nuestra geografía y gestionados por distintas congregaciones religiosas.

La Herradura English Library

There are now over 900 titles fully catalogued on the library’s computer that contains all the English language titles from every library in Andalusia. Even if you can’t find the title you want, the computer can be checked, and if it is held at another site, they will despatch it to La Herradura free of charge. What an excellent service!

Learn at Language Tree

Some time back I wrote an article about the brilliant Language Tree and how they are able to teach even the ‘hard of learning’. Since that time a great many people have taken advantage of the teaching skills available at the school. The important point is, that they realise not everyone wants to get a…

Inter Spanish Courses

Just before Christmas I stopped off at Inter, the language school, just opposite Plaza Mayor in Almuñécar, and Jimmy, who runs this brilliant school told me about their courses and work ethic.
They pride themselves on having highly qualified teachers, using a communicative approach to all lessons, which are always conducted in a friendly atmosphere.

Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is a public institution, for the promotion and learning of the Spanish language and its culture all over the world. They issue (on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education) the official Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).

Charity Bridge Tournament

It’s heart-warming to hear when businesses in the community get together to help a great and worthy cause. This is what happened on Oct. 21st when The Language Tree and Alcoholum joined forces to host and support a Charity Bridge Tournament organized by the Costa Bridge Club