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Some time back I wrote an article about the brilliant Language Tree and how they are able to teach even the ‘hard of learning’. Since that time a great many people have taken advantage of the teaching skills available at the school.
The important point is, that they realise not everyone wants to get a qualification in a language (although they can help with that too). Most people want to learn how to get by in the day-to-day society they now live in, and to that end they offer a range of courses and classes for every age and level of ability. Believe me, without a bit of help some very embarrassing mistakes can be made… just ask the Ed how he tried to compliment a young lady on her hair, but unfortunately got the words pelo and pedo mixed up. Bearing in mind this happened in front of the young ladies parents some 30 years ago, you can imagine just how impressed they were with the young man about to take their daughter out.
So, contact the lovely people at The Language Tree, sort yourself out with some lessons, and impress your friends with your newfound bilingualism!
The Language Tree, Edificio Delfin, Local 7, Paseo de Cotobro, Almuñécar. Tel. 958 882 196 thelanguagetree@gmail.com www.thelanguagetree.com

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