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Motril Cave Find

MOT Cave Find

A team of spelaeologists (potholers) made an amazing discovering in a cave within the municipality of Motril; finds include 70 pieces from the Nasrid dynasty; i.e., 500 years ago.

Minors & Massages

SPN Masseur

he Provincial lawcourt for Palma has sentenced an masseur to pay a 2,430-euro fine, who provided an ‘erotic service’ for a 13-year-old lad.

Tienda Danesa Xmas Gifts

Wondering what to buy me for Christmas? Well, don’t worry, just pop down to Tienda Danesa in Almuñécar and pick me up a piece of beautiful handmade jewellery.


A 24-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly stealing jewellery from an elderly couple who had taken pity on him.

Spinning Jewellery Sale

There is a fantastic promotion on the very popular Danish jewellery line called Spinning. Ebbe and Violette, who own both La Joyería Danesa in Frigiliana and La Tienda Danesa in Almuñécar, are having a sale on some Spinning items until the stock is cleared out.

La Joyería Danesa

Most of us in the Danish community know Ebbe and Violette, the gifted jewellery-designer-duo who own La Tienda Danesa in Almuñécar. Their shop is a treasure trove of exquisite jewellery. It is impossible not to fall for one of their unique pieces. Trust me; I know. I went there today and saw a beautiful necklace…

Tienda Danesa, Take 2!

(NW) Violette and Ebbe from La Tienda Danesa, Almuñécar, have opened a new shop in Frigliana called La Joyería Danesa, on Calle Hernando el Darra – No 2, Bajo. They are having an open day on Monday 3rd May from 11.00am and everyone is welcome.