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SPN MasseurThe Provincial lawcourt for Palma has sentenced an masseur to pay a 2,430-euro fine, who provided an ‘erotic service’ for a 13-year-old lad.

According to the the Public Prosecutor, the minor called the masseur, who was 21 at the time, in September 2013 to ask for an erotic massage. The first reaction of the condemned man was to immediately hang up, but he later thought better of it and phoned the lad to arrange a massage in the intimacy of the lad’s house while his parents were out.

There, and despite confirming that the client was a minor, he went about his business, but before getting down to work, he used the bathroom and came across the mother’s jewels, valued at 772 euros and a chain worth 90 euros. He decided that they would be happier in his possession.

The client, clad only in his socks, received the promised massage on his parents bed by the masseur, who was also unhindered by clothing. He received 90 euros for the task up front… besides the jewels, that is.

However, at some point when the massage was underway, the minor changed his mind and asked the masseur to leave, which he did.

Consequently, the then accused accepted a judicial pact whereby the masseur admitted having committed theft, which landed him a 270-euro fine, and having committed the crime of corruption of minors, which came with another fine of 2,600-euros, as well as and a court order to remain at least 500 metres away from the minor’s home.

(News: Palma, Canary Islands)

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