Motril Cave Find

MOT Cave FindA team of spelaeologists (potholers) made an amazing discovering in a cave within the municipality of Motril; finds include 70 pieces from the Nasrid dynasty; i.e., over 500 years ago.

The first thing that they found as they descended were skeletons but as they progressed they found two bronze coins from the time of the Catholic Monarchs, Fernando & Isabel (late 1400’s), which helped to date the find.

Also recovered from the cave were 40 pearls and gold ornaments, as well as 22 other small items of gold jewellery.

The Chairman of the Grupo de Actividades Espeleológicas de Motril (GAEM), Francisco Gallegos, explained that gaining access to the depth of the cave was far from easy. He said that there had obviously been a more accessable entrance which must have disappeared or become blocked owing to seismic movements over the centuries.

The items found have been placed with the Museo Arqueológico de Granada; Spanish law stipulates that such finds have to be handed over to a competent authority.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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