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Stung into Action for Acompalia

Walter Truscott, at the age of 62, had an ambition to swim from Castell de Ferro to La Mamola beach and decided that it should be a sponsored swim to the benefit of Acompalia

Jellyfish Research South Spain

We have been running successfully the Ocean Awareness Workshop for the last few weeks. The kids (and adults) who attended were very pleased and had a great time. We also have been collaborating with Sophie and Sam from the two summer schools in La Herradura

Portuguese Man O’War

This jellyfish (sort of) is not something that you would like to find clinging to your rubber duck in the bathtub. Neither is it something that you would expect to sight of an Almuñécar beach, but that is what has happened.

Salobreña Beach Coverage

The Town Hall has announced that the Protección Civil will be patrolling the beaches up to the 16th of this month. Motril seems to be the only coastal town on the Costa Tropical that is anything short of grateful for the voluntary dedication of these guys, but we shan’t go into that further here.

Medusa Appearance!

San Juan brought with it unwanted summer visitor; jelly fish – and bloody great ones, at that! During the night, bathers were blissfully unaware of the ‘invasion fleet,’ apart from the occasional sting victim but the next day, people started hooking ‘aliens’ out of the water.

Jelly Fish Toll

Owing to the unstable weather at the beginning of July, it appeared that there were no jelly fish around, but around they were, as the first-aid posts on Almunecar’s beaches reported. In fact, nearly 700 bathers turned up for treatment for jelly-fish stings.

Very Few Jellyfish

There was at least some good news in Almuñécar this summer; there were hardly any jellyfish, during July and August. In