Stung into Action for Acompalia

AcompaliaWell known, local garden-&-landscape architect, Walter Truscott, at the age of 62, had an ambition to swim from Lecrin Beach (Castell de Ferro) to La Mamola beach and decided that, to provide a greater incentive, it should be a sponsored swim to the benefit of Acompalia, (whose aim is to build a centre in Motril for Palliative care).

The plan was to set a date and time where sponsors, press and interested bystanders (possibly of a sado-masochistic nature) could come and cheer Wally on.

Before the date could be fixed, Walter was taking sustenance in the local bar when, mine host Nico, stated that “the Medusa are coming.” With this news Wally realised that the swim had to be completed soon.

The following day finding themselves at Lecrín Beach Wally turned to his wife Christine and said, as the water was warm, the sea was calm, and all other conditions were perfect, “I’m going to do the swim now.”

So, Wally donned his trunks – regret no pictures available – entered the Mediterranean and set off on his four kilometre (as the crow flies) marathon.

Having seen him off, Christine climbed into the car and drove along the coast to the finish point. However upon arrival at La Mamola Beach to her horror Christine realised that the sea was full of jellyfish. Clearly Nico is better at reporting than predicting!

Christine got back in the car and returned along the coast until she saw Walter battling through the briny. She made her way to the edge and started leaping about and waving to alert Walter to the fate awaiting him. But, in the belief that her antics were a form of encouragement Wally ploughed on oblivious.

Inevitably the irresistible force that is Walter met the unmoveable object that was the medusa swarm and carnage resulted. Poor Walter finally reached shore having achieved his aim but covered in stings.

What a hero, and his efforts have raised much valuable funds for Acompalia‘s work in ultimately creating a purpose-built facility to assist the terminally ill and currently running both a help-line and a buddying system to provide much-needed support for those with severe medical problems and their carers.

Walter says he would like to do a triathlon in support of Acompalia next, so if you have been encouraged by the efforts of a 62-year old to get out and do something positive to support our aims we should love to hear from you.

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(News/Associations: Castell de Ferro, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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