Motril Takes No Chances…

MOT Port Swim Event OnLMotril is taking no chances today with their swimming competition as far as jellyfish are concerned because they have the ‘minesweeper’ out!

The cleaning boat belonging to the Mancomunidad is sweeping the route of unwanted visitors of the gelatinous kind in preparation for the start, when hundreds of reluctant competitors will strike out to meet their doom or glory… or both!

Actually, we had reported that 144 swimmers out of the 150 Salobreña-swim competitors had been stung, but what wasn’t known yesterday was that four of the 150 didn’t get to the point of entering the water in the first place, so that was 144 out of 146.

Perhaps the two that swam but didn’t get stung were stoned to death behind the changing rooms afterwards by those that were… for witchcraft? Wild speculation at its best!

Event organiser, Paulino Martínez, said that they had been patrolling the route both on Monday and Tuesday in search of the toxic jelly babies, just itching to loose a couple of depth charges, no doubt.

A spokesperson for the Real Club Náutico said that this year’s competition, which is the 79th, has 300 competitors taking part from all over the country. Certainly the possibility of a good rogering by jellyfish isn’t going to keep them away — no sir!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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