144 Competitors Stung

COS JellyfishJellyfish are a pain; ask the 144 swimmers of the 150 of those participating in the Salobreña Triatlón Cross Costa Tropical, who were all stung.

According to the Protección Civil, Coordinator, Ramón Mesa, the swimmers had no sooner entered the water when they began to cry out and try to get into rescue boats that accompany the swimmers in case one of them gets into difficulties.

The competitors had swum right into a mass of jellyfish which enveloped them. Luckily, most were wearing neoprene suits, but even so their forearms, legs, neck and heads were exposed. One of them even got stung on the lips (ouch!).

Proteccion Civil and other medical staff on duty were soon overwhelmed by the number of swimmers who needed attention, some of whom needed injections (Urbason; i.e., Methylprednisolone) to counter the effects of their numerous stings.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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