Brother Hoaxes Own Sister

SPN AmbulanceA crisis like this present one brings out heart-warming solidarity and sacrifice, but it also brings to the fore the callous, the devious and the stupid.

Take the case of the 29-year-old man in Ogíjares (Granada) who thought it was a good idea to phone his sister to say that he couldn’t breath and was suffocating because of Coronavirus – it was a lie.

The emergency services, which are under tremendous strain, were mobilised to attend to him around 23.00h last Saturday night. The Guardia Civil, fire service and an ambulance arrived at the man’s residence. He wasn’t answering the door but when he eventually did, it was to confess that it was a lie.

He had had an argument with his sister and  had decided to ‘pay her back’ in this fashion.

The Guardia Civil immediately informed him that he was being charged for obstructing the functioning of the emergency services.

Editorial comment: make him accompany emergency call outs to real emergency situations for 48 hours on the trot, facing the threat of daily infection that medical staff run… 

(News: Ogíjares, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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