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Mysterious Death & Arson

The Guardia Civil in Guadix are investigating the case of a dead farm worker, found with a shotgun wound to the face. At the scene of the crime there were also a dozen burnt out farm vehicles.

Baza Gets ITV Centre

Baza has always been a bother when it comes to getting a vehicle through an ITV inspection, because the inspections centre was 18 kilometres away. The previous mayor in 1992 managed to get an ITV centre for the area but after a bout of sulking from Guadix, the Junta decided to place it equidistant between the two towns – which pleased nobody.

The Burning Bush

As better and hotter weather fast approaches, the following is a fire-risk reminder: outside of Guadix local fire-fighters were called in to extinguish a small blaze

A Charming, Friendly Man

A 36-year-old man has been detained in Guadix on charges of fraud after he allegedly contracted four new telephone accounts using the personal information of local citizens in order to get and keep the mobile phones

Alhambra Proxy in Guadix

A snappy Arabic name, Wadi Ash, will preside over Guadix Golf’s new project, aimed at recreating the emotional ambience of Granada’s Moorish masterpiece, the Alhambra.

Baza Growing

Baza’s Town Hall has announced that it will sell their old sports complex for two million euros in order to not only build a new one, but also houses and a Lidl supermarket.

Easing The Burden

In a move similar to recent activity in Loja, Baza’s Socialist government has announced that it will not raise local taxes in 2011, and will actually lower property tax. Economy Minister, Ramón Pozo, said he was aware of the problems people were having in the crisis and this was a way to help them.

Twisted Words & Minds

Yet more political comments are being debated, this time in Guadix, as to what the speaker meant and if the intended listener really understood the words.

Guadix Ignored

The PP of Guadix has complained that the Junta de Andalucía has left Guadix out of 2011budget. “This is the worse budget in the past 30 years,” said the party. They also offered a reward to anyone who could find Guadix in the proposed financial overhaul.