Attempted Guadix Suicide Stopped

GRA Guadix Attempted SuicidThe Guardia Civil managed to talk a young man with mental issues out of committing suicide by throwing himself from a roof.

It was around 17.45h on the 18th of May in a town in the Guadix area.  The young man was spotted by neighbours clambering over the tiles of a roof, threatening to throw himself off.

Rapidly, both the Guardia Civil and the Guadix fire service arrived on the scene, but as soon as he saw them arrive, he shouted that if anybody tried to get near him, he would jump.

The mother frantically explained to the police that her son suffered from mental issues (dissociative identity disorder) which had provoked this crisis.

A Guardia Civil officer managed to convince him to come down with a promise – if he got into the cage of the extending ladder with him, he would give him a surgical mask like his own, which bears the Guardia Civil badge on it.

When he was safely down and in possession of the promised mask, an ambulance took him to the psychiatric ward of the main Baza hospital.

(News: Guadix, Altiplano, Granada, Andalucia)

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