Unfair Mask IVA

GRA Unfair Mask IVAQuite unreasonably the IVA on obligatory surgical masks is charged at 21%, despite it being a necessity, which is why one chemist is up in arms.

Emilio Calatayud, who runs a chemist’s in Aldeire (Guadix) is collecting online signatures to get the Government to give this product the minimum, prime-necessity IVA percentage, which is just 4%.

The signature collection is on Change.org and already has accumulated 66,000 signatures. He created the petition a month ago but when the Government made it obligatory to wear a mask the signatures began to flood in 50,000 in just two hours.

When the BOE came out putting the IVA at 4% everybody thought the situation was solved but the small print is that only masks that are distributed free of charge in public entities that have 4%, whereas the ones you buy in supermarkets, chemists and other types of shops, then you have to pay the maximum IVA scale, which is 21%.

So, basically, if the public authorities have to pay for them, they charge themselves only 4% but if a member of the public has to buy one, then he has to pay 21%, which is a contradiction.

The following products only have 4% IVA on them: bread, flour, milk, cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, cereals.newspapers and books, amongst other items.

Editorial comment: It doesn’t seem to make much sense, seeing as their use is now obligatory. Then, on the other hand, vehicle insurance is also obligatory and charged at 21%. Furthermore, electricity bears 21% IVA and nobody would argue that it is not a prime necessity.

(News: Adeire, Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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