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Slower Motril Ferry

By Vivienne Hughes

The ferry that used to do the Motril-Melilla route has been replaced by a slower one that takes up to an hour longer to complete the crossing. »

Melilla Ferry Fare Discount

By Louise Powell

The shipping company FRS has announced a 10% discount on their ferry operating between Motril and Melilla. »

Motril Ferry Traffic Drops

By Vivienne Hughes

(DCU 10) The forced change over of ferry companies operating from Motril has already had, what many consider, foreseeable negative effects. »

Armas Drops Melilla Ferry Route

By Hugh MacArthur

The shipping company FRS has taken over the Motril-Melilla ferry route from Navieras Armas after Acciona sold Transmediterránea to the latter. »

Motril Port in Berlin

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Port took part in the latest Fruit Logística fair in Berlín in support of the companies operating out of the port. »

FRS First Year Anniversary

By Hugh MacArthur

The passenger & vehicle, shipping line, FRS is on the point of reaching its first anniversary of operating out of Motril, linking it to Tangiers. »

Motril Port Attracts New Company?

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Port is on a roll because it appears to have attracted another shipping company, following in the wake of ARMAS and FRS, thanks to its strategic location in relation to North Africa. »

Motril’s New Passenger Service

By Vivienne Hughes

The FRS shipping line will commence a ferry passenger service between Motril and Tangiers, starting on the 24th of February. »

Motril Port’s New Connection

By Vivienne Hughes

A new freight, shipping company, FRS, will be operating out of Motril Port, plying between Motril and Tangiers. »

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