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Talking of Buses…

The Guardia Urbana in the city of Granada has the task, amongst others, of keeping an eye on the 60 school buses that operate in the city… and there is never a dull moment.

Crackdown on Rubbish

The Salobreña Town Hall has sent out ultimatums to 30 owners of empty building plots and/or derelict buildings around the town. The message is clear: you tidy them up, or we will, and then we’ll send you the bill.

Peña Escrita Under Scrutiny

The new municipal administration has decided to have a close look at the mountain park, Pena (Peña) Escrita because of its daily running costs and accrued fines to be paid.

Speed Cameras

First of all, they appeared in La Herradura and were the talk of the town, and now they have made an appearance in Almuñécar – and we’re not talking about tourists who took the wrong turning and ended up here, but the dreaded speed cameras.

Town Hall Fined Again

The Town Hall is fighting another sanction, this time from Trabajo y Seguridad Social, which will probably cost us another 224,000 euros in outstanding S.S. payments, plus a further 5,600-euro fine.

Reader’s Letter

There follows a readers letter about parking here in La Herradura,

Dear Editor
Will you ever write an article on the parking attendants that give you tickets and that whole situation? Why are the rules for Almuñécar different than for La Herradura, and who makes the rules? You never know if you are allowed to park for how long where? There is no information. And where does all that money that they collect go? Into someone’s pocket? And who pays for the phone that the girl has attached to her ear all the time?

Tougher Police Fines

The Local Police of Salobreña intend to toughen up fines against bike riders without helmets and ‘discotheque cars; i.e. cars with sod-off music reproduction equipment, which

A Fine Mess I

Businesses within Almuñécar were shocked and dismayed to receive up to nine, 300-euro fines (2,700€) in one day for allegedly breaching rubbish placement regulations.