Electric Scooter Crack Down

MOT Electric Scooter Clamp DownGranada’s municipal police have confiscated 47 electric scooters for infringing the local bylaw on their use. All of the confiscated vehicles were taken to the municipal vehicle compound.

The most common reason for their being confiscated is because they have been manipulated mechanically to go faster – the maximum speed should never exceed 25 kph.  If this is found to be the case the owner faces a 600-euro fine. If you’re caught going two up, it’s a 100-euro fine.

These kind of vehicles are classified as VMPs, which is defined as having one or two wheels, apt for only one person, propelled by electric motors only, with a maximum speed, depending on the make of between six and 25 kph. Those that go slower than 6-kph are classified as ‘toys.’ They do not require a number plate and the rider does not need a driver’s licence or vehicle insurance.

Despite not requiring a driving licence or vehicle insurance, if you are caught using one under the influence of alcohol or drugs you could be fined between 500 and 1,000 euros (Alcohol) and a minimum of 1,000 euros (Drugs).

You cannot use a mobile phone whilst riding a VMP or any other communication system. Earphones are forbidden. In both cases the fine is 200 euros.

VMP’s are forbidden from using pavements or any space reserved for pedestrians, which is also the case for bicycles. In fact, that goes for any kind of vehicle that moves faster than walking pace. The fine is 200 euros. However, the DGT (Departamento General de Tráfico) leaves town halls the competence where variations are concerned.

The DGT considers it riding a VMP at night without lights or reflective clothing as ‘careless driving,’ which will earn you another 200-euro fine.

Do you need to wear a helmet? The DGT leaving that in the hands of town halls and their local bylaws. If the use of a helmet in a given municipality is obligatory, the failure to wear one is 200 euros. If in doubt, wear one, therefore.

Where you park one is also up to your local town hall; the DGT considers that pavements are for pedestrians but that decision they have delegated to the municipal authorities.

The fact is that more and more VMP users are ending up in the ICUs; something that doctors are very concerned about.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)


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