Masks in A Car

SPN Masks in a carWith this accelerated pace of Lock-Down easing it’s hard to keep track of what you can and cannot do, or where you can or cannot go, for that matter.

One of those areas of doubt is whether we need to continue wearing a mask when in a car. We’re at Phase Three and on the 21st the Lock Down ends but what restrictions end with it?

Well, until now if you were caught out not wearing one when you should have been, it would have set you back 601 euros, but once the Lock Down ends, in just over a week, the fine will drop to 100 euros – a bargain!

Basically, the norm concerning mask use in cars can be divided into three from now on:

A) Travelling by yourself – no mask.
B) Travelling with people who live under the same roof – no mask
C) Travelling with somebody that you do not share a house with, then you all have to wear a mask and… maintain as wide a safety distance between occupants as possible. *

Note: this “maximum distance apart” translates into that if you have a passenger, then he or she sits behind, when there are two in the car. Mother-in-laws must travel on the roof rack… just joking!

(News: Spain)

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