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Does Net Neutrality Exist?


As progressive and altruistic as it may be, it is not as simple as it sounds; many extenuating circumstances come into play, of which ‘net neutrality’ is a key point to be addressed.

Missing Facebook Child?

Most of us would agree that nowadays a good deal of information that is spread around on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is complete rubbish, believed and ‘shared’ only by the ignorant and misinformed. However, evidently even the police can be dragged in sometimes… read on.

Close Second

Do you remember the competition by the private TV channel, Antena 3, to decide on Spain’s Nº1 beach? Well Maro came Second! Yes out of all the beaches in Spain, which is a peninsular, don’t forget, Maro obtained 57,299 votes, which was barely 3,000 fewer than the winner.

Moroccan Culinary Benefit Evening

As most Gazette readers know, the magazine donates a full-page advertising to the AECC, in the form of a cork board for business cards, the proceeds of which go exclusively to the AECC. So, the Seaside Gazette wants to support the Moroccan Culinary Benefit Evening drive on facebook by promoting the event via our website.

Facebook Lynching

Social networking creates a parallel society that operates with almost impunity. Normal circumstances regarding presumption of innocence are disregarded, and in the case of an incident concerning a lass from Salobreña, online lynching.

Social Networking

I am on Facebook. It was a bit hard for my grandchildren at first to cope with the idea of becoming my buddies. But now they are getting used to the idea of me monitoring their behavior in cyber space. I have interfered only once. It was when one of them, who I have always…