No Heineken Freebies!

SPN Heineken Online ScamOnline scams are abundant; everything from Nigerian princes wanting to give you a cut of their wealth, to duff online purchases. Here’s the latest.

No, Heineken is not going to give you lakes of free beer as part of their 140th anniversary. Actually, not even four, limited edition, 5L-barrels of their finest as per the offer.

In reality, you get no beer and they get all your personal info.

This scam is making its way via WhatsApp, thanks to app users who insist on forwarding everything that they receive, and Facebook users, who have run out of what to post after telling everybody what they had for breakfast and posted yet another photo of their cat.

So, Ladies and Gentleman, this online scam joins the legion of others that have gone before them: Nike, Bimbo, Coca-Cola and Ryanair, to name just a few, too-good-to-be-true offers.

Oh, by the way, the “No Piques” superimposed by the Policia Nacional on the image translates for “Don’t fall for it!”

(News: Cyberspace)

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