Almuñécar Girl in Trouble

ALM girl in trouble OnLThe Internet social networks are busy with the fate of an Almuñécar woman under house arrest in Colombia. Her name is Alejandra.

It was in 2012 that Alejandra made the mistake of falling into the hands of a drug cartel – in desperate times people do desperate things. She was arrested in Rionegro Airport with 4.5 kilos of cocaine in her suitcase.

She says that she didn’t know that she was carrying drugs and had thought that they were cosmetics. Her mother, Mª Victoria, believes her.

After already having spent a year in a prison in Medellín Prison she was transferred to house arrest. ‘House’ is a euphemism perhaps in this case but that is where she is living with her four children. They have little or no money and food is very scarce.

“My daughter is not a danger to society. Pushed by the need to find work, she made a mistake,” explained her mother. The only thing that the mother wants is for her daughter to be able to serve what is left of her sentence in Spain and that her four children, aged between 11 and 5, can return to Spain with her.

So, the facebook account, Almuñécar Día a Día, is trying to raise both funds and awareness, hoping to be able to fund her return and hand over an online petition to the Ministry of the Exterior and the Spanish Consulate in Colombia, calling for her extradition from Colombia.

This same facebook group has previously raised funds for those in need in the municipality, putting collection boxes in banks etc around Almuñécar. They have now thrown their weight behind Alejandra’s cause.

Well, that is the information that we have – you decide. If you feel that you would like more information, look up the above mentioned facebook account or go to where there is an online petition in Alejandra’s name which already has over 214,000 signatures.

The fact is, whether you consider that she deserves her plight, there are the four children involved. One thing is for sure, a mother will leave no stone unturned to rescue her daughter.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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