Missing Facebook Child?

Most of us would agree that nowadays a good deal of information that is spread around on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is complete rubbish, believed and ‘shared’ only by the ignorant and misinformed. However, evidently even the police can be dragged in sometimes… read on.

Detectives in France were mobilized in force when a report was received that a two-year-old boy had gone missing from a supermarket car park. A huge enquiry was immediately launched to try and locate Chayson Basinio, even a local lake was dredged during the initial search.

All seems normal up to this point… well, it was until a couple of days later detectives went to tell the parents that they had found not trace of the child and to expect the worst news. However, the parents did not exist at the address given, nor did the child. As it turned out, the whole family had only ever existed in the virtual world of Facebook. The Basinio’s did indeed have full Facebook profiles, but that was the only thing that existed.

The police in France are now closely questioning a woman who made the initial report to them, trying to ascertain if she has also been a victim of the hoax, or if she is a part of it.

Public prosecutor Eric Mazaud summed up by saying: “We are now redirected into investigating a false crime report. The enquiry was long and complicated, but we can now say the the young Chayson has never existed and nor have his parents.”

Sorry to bring up my previous life working for the police in the UK, but whenever there was a report of a missing child, even if the disappearance occurs away from home, the home address of the child is always thoroughly searched within the first hour or so. I lost count of the the amount of toddlers that were found hiding in gardens, sheds and wardrobes. This story just seems very strange… but hey, it’s the World Section!

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