The Nude Policeman Case

mot-policia-local-onlThe Deputy-Chief of municipal police in Motril was not happy over a photo that one of his men had posted on facebook and took him to court.

The photo featured the officer wearing nothing but a smile and cradling his genitals, accompanied by the comment: a mis mayores fans, mis compañeros de trabajo. El que quiera ver más que me mande un Whatsapp (to my greatest fans, my work mates. He who wants to see more, send me a whatsapp).

This photo seems to have come about after somebody had reported his normal facebook account to the admin resulting in its being closed down, so he opened up a new account under an anonymous user name and began with the comment, “to the **** who reported my photos and got my account blocked… Now you’re going to get a bucket load of photos!”

Well, the judge decided in favour of the policeman in question because he considered that the officer was posting in his free time and using his freedom of speech. Furthermore the judge did not consider that this online attitude was detrimental to the good name of the police force.

The policeman had argued that when he referred to his “work mates” he was referring to the members of his facebook group, none of whom work for the Town Hall, much less in the municipal-police department.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical Granada, Andalucia)

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