Reluctant Town Hall Fined

ECO Mamola Town HallThe Town Hall for Polopos-La Mamola has been fined 71,000 euros for failing to act against a noisy establishment over a long period of time.

The Provincial Law Courts in Granada had already decided in favour of the claimants against the Town Hall in December 2016 but the Town Hall had lodged an appeal before the Regional Supreme Court, which has just confirmed the sentence.

Apparently, the Town Hall had done nothing, despite all the complaints and court sentences during twelves years; from 2003 and 2015.

First of all the neighbours above the business premises had sued the company that ran it through the local law court in Motril, which sentenced that the noise produced by the business activity should cease immediately and that the company should pay 1,000 euros in compensation.

But the noise didn’t stop, so the annoyed neighbours sued the Town Hall for not preventing the continued noise problem and in 2013 the Provincial Courts sentenced in favour of the neighbours, ordering the Town Hall to impose the local bylaws concerning noise.

Two years down the line the Regional Supreme Law Court found that the Town Hall had done nothing and ordered the immediate putting into effect of the requirements contained in the Provincial Court’s findings.

At this point, the neighbours sued the Town Hall for 71,000 euros in damages for failing to act as ordered.

Editorial comment: you can only ask yourself why a town hall does not act against a noisy bar or pub, even when ordered to by a judge and one conclusion that you might come to is that the business premises in question belongs to somebody that is either a friend or a relation of the Mayor.

The problem here is that it is the municipal taxpayer who ends up paying the 71,000 euros and not the Town Council members from their salaries.

(News: Polopos-La Mamola, Costa Tropical, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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