Town Hall Dodges Pay Out

Tuesday, August 6, 2019
By Hugh MacArthur

ALM Hotel BahiaThe Almuñécar Town Hall has managed to dodge, all told, a 45m-euro payout after a judge sentenced in their favour. The court case involved the Hotel Bahía Tropical (Taramay) which had sued the Town Hall almost ten years ago.

A court sentence back then found in favour of a local resident in a house behind the hotel who had taken the hotel to court because an excessive number of floors had been included during its construction, effectively blocking his view.

Consequently, the judge issued a demolition order, but, the claimant was given the option of reaching a compensation deal with the hotel owners. However, it appears that no such deal was struck and the demolition order remains pending execution.

In the meantime, the  hotel turned its attention to the Town Hall, suing it for building-licence irregularities. In fact there have been a whole series of damage claims made by the hotel, the most expensive of which amounted to 22m euros.

The hotel claims that it has lost a lot of market value, as well as trade, with the partial demolition order hanging over it. The owners pointed out that if they attempted to sell the hotel, it would have to be for much less than its original value.

The lawyer who habitually represents the Town Hall (and habitually wins the cases) countered by pointing out that there has not been any partial demolition to date, thus there has been no economic damages caused by such an action. The judge agreed with the defence lawyer, as the courts have done on all the other claims for damages made by the hotel, amounting to a total of 45m euros.

In fact Sr. Revelles, the defence lawyer, has saved the Town Hall a staggering 100m euros, thanks to his success in the law court.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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