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The Problem: Nobody Resigns

Nobody will be surprised to hear that Spain dropped ten slots in the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013. To watch the Spanish midday news is to witness a litany of corruption scandals, after all.

Almuñécar Town Surveyor Acquitted

Criminal Law Court Nº1 in Motril has ordered that the case against José Luis Rodriguez Passolas for urban-development corruption be shelved. The case was brought against him and María Arellano Ruiz by the Ministerio Fiscal and Ecologistas en Acción.

Gürtel Reaches Motril?

For those of you that are no familiar with the Caso Gürtel, it is probably the biggest political corruption scandal ever to rock Spain and involves the Central Government.

Austerity but not for All

Hounded by the corruption scandals in the PP, the Prime Minister, Marino Rajoy, decided to publish his tax returns and order his top party leaders to do the same.